Over 75 Years Of Combined Government Contract Experience

At Bailey & Bailey, P.C., our legal team provides exceptional government contract counsel, guidance and litigation.

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We Understand Small Business

You may own a trash hauling company, janitorial service, construction company, sheetrocking partnership or other small business. If your client is the U.S. government, you know that the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) is complex and that lien laws are constantly changing.

The attorneys at Bailey & Bailey, P.C., have helped many underrepresented small-business owners such as disabled veterans and women realize their dream of successful business ownership and government contracts. By actively guiding and advising small businesses through the regulations and requirements of the Small Business Administration (SBA) programs, we help small-business owners understand labor regulations, FAR and how to effectively transact business with the federal government.

At Bailey & Bailey, P.C. we understand your business’s need for skillful and financially efficient representation. With over 75 years of combined experience, we offer big firm know-how at accessible rates. No matter how small your business, you are always our biggest client.

Effective And Efficient Solutions

Our attorneys have built a solid reputation for our long-term commitment to our clients and the services we provide.

A Small Powerhouse Firm

Bigger is not always better. At Bailey & Bailey, P.C., our singular focus is government contracts. We understand the needs of businesses both big and small who contract with the government. We have successfully represented sureties, prime contractors, subcontractors and third-tier subs. We thoroughly understand FAR, bids and bid award errors from both sides of the claim. It is this full understanding and wide-scope view that are perhaps our defining edge. In our 75 years of combined experience there is hardly a bid protest, SBA, Miller Act or GAO issue our dedicated team has not handled and resolved.

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