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The Bailey & Bailey Contracts Team

Government contracts is not only a complex area of the law but a niche area as well. At Bailey & Bailey, P.C., this niche is what we do, and we do it well. A full-service government contracts and construction law firm we focus on all aspects of contracting with federal, state and local governmental entities. With more than 75 years of combined experience in litigation of federal contract claims we are well-versed in Miller Act claims and bid protests. We are one of the few firms that is highly accomplished in interpreting and advising clients regarding the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) because we understand how these regulations pertain to the varied small businesses that provide services and materials to government projects. Our enduring relationship with our small-business clients has lead to years of our providing legal counsel to small and large contractors in:
  • Procurement regulation interpretation and compliance
  • Davis-Bacon Act and Service Contract Act compliance
  • Small Business Administration contracting programs.

Very few firms offer these services. Fewer still are the firms who approach this practice with the passion, advanced education and vigor of the Bailey & Bailey, P.C., legal team.

Our Small-Business Focus

We find government contracts, regulations and statutes fascinating. Our active engagement with all facets of government contracts means that each of our lawyers is fully invested in this area of law, and each of us is well-attuned to even nuanced changes in legislation. We understand that small changes may have a big impact on small businesses that contract with the government.

Our success is found in helping smaller businesses succeed in all of their endeavors. Because of this dedication, our clients are rarely a one-time visit, or single-issue clients. Our support and counsel help small businesses grow from a small mom-and-pop business to a successful corporation. Our wide legal ken and team approach means that we are able to provide legal support for all of your business needs including union contracts, labor relations and employment law issues.

We believe that helping small business do business with large government not only helps the local community but fosters a greater relationship and the vital role of the small-business owner in our national community. To that end, we are active in our community including habitat for humanity and weekend volunteer work at a border orphanage.

Our Attorneys

Our dedicated and focused staff of four attorneys combining a vast contract knowledge, extensive government services experience and energy create a full-service, synergistic team.

Johnathan Bailey

Johnathan is a highly qualified and experienced litigator and advisor focused on all aspects of doing business with the federal government and the state of Texas. In his role as litigator, Johnathan’s focus is on bid protests, contract claims and prime/subcontractor disputes. In his role as an advisor, his work centers on contract and teaming agreement drafting as well as in-depth analysis and advice of contract documents, and federal contracting regulations.

Theodore Bailey

Ted began practicing law in 1973 in the air force as an Air Force Judge Advocate General attorney rising to the position of Senior Trial Attorney. He started his private practice in 1984. Ted is a highly qualified and experienced litigator and attorney representing federal contractors doing business with the federal government. Ted is now retired.

Chris Burwell

The mainstay of Chris’s work is construction law, defending construction claims and general business litigation. Chris is a certified mediation attorney in Texas, and he is committed to helping people on both side of a dispute reach an expedient and satisfactory agreement. His case sizes range from several thousands of dollars to several million. With over seven years of experience in this area and a firm understanding of construction law and government contracts and regulations Chris can help any business with their mediation needs.

Kristin Zachman

Our newest team member Kristin’s focus is bid protests, government contract review as well as legal research and support. Her attention to detail, scrutinizing eye and ability to translate complex legalese into simple terms are boon to clients new to government contracts and processes.

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A Preventative Model Of Representation

We want to help clients avoid problems. We understand that business owners are most successful when they are running their company, not spending valuable time and money in court. Therefore we seek the best outcome for your business in creating a deft, sure and permanent solution to an existing legal problem. Whatever your government contract need, Bailey & Bailey, P.C., can help. In San Antonio, we serve the state of Texas, as well as national and international clients.