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Working With The Government

The government does not have the resources nor the manpower to provide construction and services for every project. There is a need, sometimes quite extreme, for the government to utilize outside services, materials and labor. Those companies who have years or decades of experience or expertise in their particular area may not have the know-how to navigate the complex and detailed rules and regulations regarding procuring and maintaining government contracts. Because the rules for government contracts are vastly different than those of the private sector qualifying to even bid can be more difficult.

Bailey & Bailey, P.C., has more than 75 years of combined experience in federal government contract law with both civilian and military contracting agencies.

We have extensive experience and proven skill with:

  • Bid Contracts
  • Bid Protests and the GAO
  • Miller Act false claims
  • Qui Tam Litigation

The maze of statutes, regulations and agency policies confronting private firms doing business with the federal government is vast and often bewildering. We will deftly guide your business through this maze and on to a successful enterprise.

Over 75 Years Of Combined Knowledge, Experience and Skill

The attorneys at Bailey & Bailey, P.C., have decades of extensive work on contract claims, and prime, subcontractor and third-tier disputes involving the Government Acquisitions Office (GAO). As legal advisors, we draft contracts and teaming agreements and offer in-depth analysis and advice on contract documents. We have a detailed, focused and thorough knowledge of federal contracting regulations including a deep understanding of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Our extensive work with the Small Business Administration (SBA) and its regulations can be of particular benefit to small businesses. Our work includes performance and payment bonds and the Department of Labor’s Davis-Bacon and Service Contract Act regulations as well.

A Preventative Model Of Representation

As facile negotiators we offer mediation services and are committed an expedient settlement. We also understand that not every business can avoid a lawsuit. In these instances we provide skilled and experienced representation should your business be required in court. No matter what your business’s legal needs, the best representation protects you and lowers your overall costs.

Call our office at and speak with a lawyer at 210-570-9873 or fill out our online contact form, and we will contact you. Serving San Antonio, Texas, and companies with U.S. government contract needs nationwide and internationally.