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How The Miller Act Protects Contractors

A payment bond is required for every federal government construction project over $100,000. But certain materials suppliers and lower tier subcontractors are protected from nonpayment. The Miller Act’s aim is to protect subcontractors and third-tier suppliers and workers. In most cases it does, but not in every case.

Bailey & Bailey, P.C., has litigated Miller Act claims as both Plaintiffs’ and Defendants’ counsel from coast to coast. The unique nature of these claims requires a firm grounding in federal procurement regulations governing federal construction contracts, even though the dispute is between private parties.

Serving You No Matter Where You Are

An experienced firm can accurately assess the merits of each case and ascertain whether or not litigation or negotiation is the best option for the client. Bailey & Bailey, P.C., has extensive experience in negotiating with Miller Act sureties to make resolution of claims smoother and simpler. Though we are based in Texas, we routinely coordinate with local counsel in other states in a cost-efficient manner to handle Miller Act matters wherever they arise.

When negotiation is not an option, or not the best option, Bailey & Bailey, P.C., will pursue litigation.

Bailey & Bailey, P.C.‘s experience and expertise include:

  • Preparation, submission and litigation of Miller Act claims in a timely manner to comply with the very strict submission requirements of the Act
  • Successful defense of prime contractors and their sureties against claims without merit
  • Successful litigation of Miller Act claims in the federal District Courts not only of Texas, but also New York, California, Washington, New Mexico, Kansas, Oklahoma and across the United States
  • Successful mediation and arbitration of Miller Act suits across the country

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